For Teachers and School Visits - Elementary Schools
Based on her popular children's book, What Am I? The story of an Abstract Painting,
Ms. Bocchino takes the student on an exciting adventure of abstract painting.
This presentation consists of a large presentation and small hands-on workshop:
This project combines Music and Visual language and how they relate to each other.
Using Watercolor paints and special textured watercolor paper the student will begin to develop their own visual vocabulary with a new understanding of abstraction.

If time allows this presentation will have a visual art and writing piece to exhibit at their school or to take home.

Visit to your school may consist of up to 4-5 presentations and in class hands-on workshops for $650.00 per day which includes special textured watercolor paper for the students to have a special experience with materials too (schools need to supply paint or a $50.00 supply fee will be added).

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For Teachers and School Visits - Middle Schools
This program targeting grades 6-8th emphasizes the creativity and uniqueness in each student. The students will learn the relationship of sound to visual art. Using jazz music the students will experience ways to create a visual language in response to the rhythms and dynamics in jazz music. Student will also experience a variety of mediums from pencils to charcoal to ink.

My hope is to guide each student in finding the passion that resides in each and every one of them. My goal is to encourage each student to express themselves through a visual language.

The student will experience several exercises and ultimately combine these exercises to create a finished work of art. Depending on time allotments, the students may be able to create in color and to explore the many possibilities color can express in relation to music.

The workshop can also incorporate a written description or poem that will expand on their visual response to music.

My visits consist of 4-5 presentations and hands-on workshops. Artist's fee is 650.00 which include supplies for students. If a painting workshop is added, the school must supply paint or a $75.00 supply fee will be added.

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After spending time with an abstract painting,
you may actually begin to see the world a little bit differently.